The Saturn Cypher



Garry Greenwood


Saturns spell is cast upon us all from the Rothschilds to Fukushima

For my father the lot was cast

Once again the demon has to be repulsed

And thrust back into his prison.

My father broke the seal.

He sensed not the breath of the Evil one

But set him free to roam the world.



Those are the last words written by Albrecht Haushofer, son of Professor Karl Haushofer, the Nazi Party's Black Magician and founder of Hitler's notorious Nazi Occult Bureau - the Ahnenerbe. Professor Haushofer was also the only foreigner ever granted admission into Japan's secretive Green Dragon Society.


Both these occult groups shared their experiences and findings "for the greater good of humankind." Professor Haushofer spoke fluent Japanese, read Sanskrit and was Germany's military attach to Tokyo.  


Within these black magic organisations members swore oaths of allegiance to Satan and his unholy powers for the purpose of global domination. Elements of the Green Dragon Society, under the guidance of Japan's militarists, morphed into Japan's notorious war-time Unit 731 wherein, just like their Nazi counterpart; weapons of mass destruction, germ warfare, human experiments and the study of symbols and the occult were conducted.


Karl Haushofer committed suicide just prior to his execution, but Japan's Unit 731 overlord, General Nobusuke Kishi, went on to become their first post-war Prime Minister and grandfather of Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.  



Knowledge gained and shared within these occult groups was also shared with their victors - the US and others in a prisoner release deal of those involved. One symbol, the Star of David, was of particular interest since it was a symbol associated with the Jews and the Japanese Imperial family, for whom the war in the Pacific was fought (and lost).


The Star, or hexagon, is a symbol of the Japanese Imperial family and appears throughout their holy Imperial Shrines; other places of worship and more. For both the Jews and the Japanese it represents the chosen ones: the master race, and the ones destined to rule the world, as is written in their biblical texts or ancient writings and folklore.


Many scholars call it the symbol of Saturn or Satan since it appears in many religions, cults and other occult groups as it's used to invoke His powers. Some of these groups include, the Roman Catholic Church, the Freemasons, Satanist groups, as well as being the main feature on the Rothschild's family crest. The Freemasons venerate King Solomon who wore a magical ring engraved with the Star (the seal of Solomon, or a reference to the Rings of Saturn) which gave him power over evil spirits and demons.


In more contemporary times the Star has been adopted by Japanese cults which were founded by the Japanese military as part of their arsenal for their continuing 100-years war against European and US Imperialism. Dreams of conquest die hard. These cults include, but are not limited to, the murderous Aum Shinri Kyo cult which tried on several occasions to bring about their orchestrated global Armageddon. They firstly used huge quantities of anthrax and other deadly germ agents, followed by sarin gas attacks in Japanese subways. Top officials within the Aum cult refer to the Star as the Judea Cypher. These deadly events were preceded by well documented and witnessed atomic-type explosions, now thought to be secretive Tesla-type electromagnetic weapons, on their secret sheep ranch near Banjawarn, in outback Western Australia. Google it.


In the far north of Honshu Island Japan, there is a grave site that I have visited purporting to be the grave of Jesus Christ. There's a long story attached to this alone, but here it's suffice to say this is just another creation of those mischievous dark forces emanating or remaining from Unit 731. Here, there are Stars of David in great abundance, and many Japanese worship at this site with the aim of furthering their occult connections.


Referring back to the Japanese Imperial family once again; their huge Imperial Ancestor's Shrine - the Japanese equivalent to the Vatican, where devotees of the Emperor Worship Cult go to pray in their thousands daily, are hundreds of the Stars etched into the beautiful stone guideposts that line the paths within the huge complex. It's within this complex that the Ark of the Covenant, complete with the stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments are secreted away - so say many Emperor Worship Cult members and others.


Now we know why Hitler's attempts to obtain the Commandments, as part of his occult arsenal failed. I've visited the Imperial Ancestors Shrine complex too, and was even shown photos of these supposed stone tablets by proud cult members. There is also a white horse permanently corralled within the complex, and navely I asked who was its rider? I was swiftly given quotes from Revelations concerning the Riders of the Apocalypse, and that the Emperor only rides white horses.


The fastest growing religious cult in Japan nowadays is the Sukyo Mahikari cult of which I was a member many years ago. This cult which was founded by a high-ranking militarist who was also a military school trainer, a leading figure in the infamous Rape of Nanjing and whose second-in-command was a sentenced-to-death war criminal. His second-in-command was convicted for his role in the beheading of 33 captured US airmen after the Armistice was signed. When I discovered this and more, needless to say, I left this so-called utopian cult, and this is how I am able to present this information to you.  You are welcome to read a full account of these issues and my involvement within this group in my ebook here: All The Emperor's Men


Sukyo Mahikari has the Star of David as its symbol, and every member is expected to wear the symbol, in the form of a badge, constantly as a kind of ascetic practice so as to forever remind them of their superior role in the forthcoming Armageddon and: Gives Thanks To God And Bow The Knee Before Him Who Bears On His Front The Seal Of The Predestination Of Man, To Which God Himself Has Led His STAR That None Others But Him Might Set Us Free From All The Before-Mentioned Forces Of Evil. If these words seem familiar to you; it's because you have been reading the notorious manuscript; The Protocols of The Elders of Zion - protocol 23, last paragraph. This manuscript, thought to be written by Jewish Freemasons - but this is also disputed, details a cunning plot by the world's elite for global supremacy after a necessary and long awaited Armageddon.


This notorious and disputed manuscript was studied at Japanese military schools, and no doubt was also a subject of study at both the Nazi Ahnenerbe Occult Bureau and Japans Unit 731 - founded under the auspice of Shinzo Abe's grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, mentioned earlier.


The Aum Shinri Kyo cult were also believers and followers of the cunning plot embedded within the Protocols of Zion and saw themselves as the ones who would not only survive the coming Armageddon, but also the ones tasked with bringing it about.


As part of my misguided membership within the Sukyo Mahikari cult, I was chosen to spend several months high up in the beautiful snow-shrouded Japan Alps at their elite and secretive training school. I was the only foreigner amongst the 50 or so other adepts. It was here that I was exposed to the plot embodied within the Protocols of Zion, and it wasn't until some years later that I recognised whole paragraphs that had been lifted from it and into some of our "Divine Teaching" texts.


At the secretive training facility, I also witnessed and learnt about the negative effects of unseen entities, often referred to as Archons and which nowadays are finding easy access into peoples' minds affecting their behaviour, thoughts, decisions and health. This easy access, interference and possession is made possible by the weakening of our minds and bodies by many means including, but not limited to medications, TV, chemicals, anger, resentment, radiation and more. These entities, often appearing to be off-planet, are intent on harming or destroying humankind. As cult members we believed we were immune to Saturns spell since we were the chosen ones - wearing the Star.


In downtown Tokyo, in Kitanomaru Park, stands the recently re-named Japan Science Museum. Previously it was known as the National Science Institute which was a research centre for nuclear physics, and it was in this building that the murderous Aum Shinri Kyo cult had its office and access to labs and workshops and where Japanese politicians sympathetic to the cults aspirations would sometimes attend. 




It's claimed by journalists of the Japan Times Weekly, one of whom I have interviewed several times, that this building was also used as a venue for the transfer of nuclear weapons technology from the crumbling and cash-strapped Soviet Union. It was where the Aum cult engineered our Armageddon along with a clique of Japanese politicians including Shinzo Abe and his father, Shintaro Abe. The Science Museum building (pictured) is within the grounds of the Imperial Palace, so perhaps this explains why it is said that one of the Imperial household members was an Aum recruit, and gave the cult access to Imperial facilities.


Like the Imperial Family Shrines with their Saturn cyphers, this building also has its Saturn cyphers. 22,392 of them adorn its exterior leaving no doubt as to the forces at work here.


In March 2011, a devastating earthquake and tsunami destroyed 400 kilometres of Japan's north east coast.  The huge six-reactor Fukushima nuclear power station went into total and permanent meltdown and the fate of other similar reactors and nuclear storage facilities along this section of the coast line is still being kept secret. Untreated nuclear contaminated water continues to pour into the North Pacific with ocean currents directing the contamination to North America, whilst radiation in the atmosphere circulates globally and quickly.




The fate of humanity appears now to be ever-more resting in the hands of those at the helm of this ongoing catastrophe. But here we see PM Abe and members of his inner circle intent on creating ever more nuclear facilities and re-opening damaged ones prematurely, thereby further strengthening and perpetuating the deadly spell of Saturn. Japanese journalists I have interviewed over the years insist that Shinzo Abe was the main sponsor and financier of the Aum cult along with his father. The up-till-recently Minister in charge of decommissioning the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant, Nobuteru Ishihara, is a high ranking official in the Sukyo Mahikari cult, both being of the Saturn cypher variety. Nobuteru Ishihara's father was, up till very recently, the long-standing Mayor of Tokyo and a very close friend of Sukyo Mahikari's founder, as well as being a revered cult member himself, and a key financier and supporter of the Aum cult.


Is there an antidote to the hellish Spell?


The good news is, yes!


Firstly, we must research ways and methods to protect ourselves from the ever-increasing levels of nuclear radiation if this is at all possible.


Secondly, we must finally come to the realisation it is we who allowed the Spell to bind us to the wishes of those who have enslaved us. We see injustice and refuse to correct it. We gorge ourselves in rampant consumerism yet never find satisfaction. We never question authority from our politicians, religious leaders and others of authority.


Realise, no one is coming to save us.


We must save ourselves by taking personal responsibility for our actions. By systematically and steadfastly breaking free from our controllers and the things which control us, we will gradually be released from the Spell of the Cypher in accordance with our efforts.


We must change our diets to break free from big pharma. Turn our TVs off, spend less so we can work less and free up time to relearn the art of critical thinking. We should pursue wholesome education, question authority, hold those in authority to account, question the purpose of religion, listen to good music, seek good companionship and cease watching mainstream news. These are just some of the things which will weaken and eventually break the Spell, as such actions will starve the Spell of its oxygen.


We must awaken to our true humanity and break free from those who proclaim ownership of us.


This is the antidote.


Only YOU can break Saturns Spell.


Garry Greenwood