Mystery Rider Unveiled!

A true tale of Cults of Gold, Jesus in Japan, Tesla weapons and more!


Garry Greenwood


The February - March, 1997, edition of Exposure Magazine published an article I wrote titled, All The Emperor's Men, which dealt in part with my 17 year misguided involvement with a Japanese doomsday religious cult, Sukyo Mahikari. Total membership is about 2,000,000, with around 2,000 members in Australia. In that article mention was made of the cult's incorporation of the notorious manuscript, The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, into its 'sacred' doctrine. Since the article's publication I have noticed with great surprise that almost every edition of Exposure since has carried lively debate centring The Protocols, with even Exposure's editor, David Summers suggesting that they should be compulsory reading for all. Whether The Protocols are a forgery or not (most scholars now agree the Protocols are a forgery), their influence on world events has surely been extraordinary; possibly causing the spilling of more blood than anything in recorded history.

Here I would like to expose more of their continuing influence in global affairs, and more importantly their possible influence in our immediate future.

The Protocols in their current form were imported into Japan from Russia around the early 1920's by the Japanese military, shortly after Hitler had soaked up their every word like a dry sponge. Once translated they mesmerized the Japanese military since they sensed a certain prophetic quality about them - so much so that they began to see them as possibly having some kind of divine origin. This prompted the Japanese military to dispatch a group of officers to the lands around Palestine to study Judaism looking for clues as to their true source. Here they discovered many uncanny similarities between Judaism and their State Shintoism. A few examples are their shared belief in the Garden Of Eden principle as outlined in the Old Testament, except that it was well known amongst the Japanese that the Garden of Eden was in fact Japan. Mt Fuji - the navel of Earth is testament to that. The Star of David is also an ancient Japanese symbol, again testifying that theirs was the land of the chosen ones. Any visitor to the Ise Shrine complex, the Shinto equivalent to the Vatican, will see hundreds of stone lanterns lining the pathways, all engraved with the Star - the seal of the one who is to set us free. (Protocols no. 23 & 24)

Even the New Testament was beginning to confirm the military's exalted status. Amazed at the similarities of both religions, the Japanese military began to appreciate the prophetic qualities of The Protocols more fully since The Protocols called for the creation of a new utopia to be ruled over by the new King David whose god-ordained seal or symbol was the Star of David - 'the Japanese star' - 'the Japanese ruler'... THE JAPANESE EMPEROR!

On one of my Mahikari 'pilgrimages' to Ise (Central Japan), I saw a White Horse corralled near one of the main shrines and I asked who was the rider of the white horse. The reply was quick forthcoming; "Then I saw heaven open and there was a white horse. Its rider is called Faithful and True....His eyes were like a flame of fire, and he wore many crowns on his head....The armies of heaven followed him riding on white horses...on his robe and on his thigh was written the name: King of kings and Lord of lords. Revelations 19:11. Only the Emperor of Japan is permitted to ride that horse. The Emperors only ride white horses!"

As Jewish persecution intensified in Europe during the 1930's under the orders of Adolf Hitler, and the watchful eye of the Vatican, the Japanese military devised a cunning plan where they offered thousands of Jewish refugees safe haven in their recently occupied territory of Manchuria - Manchukuo. Observing Hitler's paranoia over the Jews, the Japanese military both respected and feared them. Their plan was to settle as many Jews as possible in Manchuria in the hope of gaining acceptance of the global Jewish community, particularly the US Jewry, whereupon they would then be able to draw upon their vast reserves of capital urgently needed to sustain the Japanese war effort. This plan became known as The Fugu Plan. Fugu comes from the Fugu or Puffer fish which is considered the most desirable of all fish. One drawback to eating Fugu is that if you eat the wrong part it will kill you.

By now certain elements within the Japanese military had come to see the Japanese as one of the lost tribes of Israel, and the Fugu Plan had great appeal to them. Mysterious earth mound graves near Toyama in western Japan now became known as Moses's grave site.

Whilst other mysterious earth mound graves in northern Honshu became known as Jesus's grave site.

I have visited Jesus's purported grave site in northern Honshu and was not surprised to see the Star Of David etched into signposts there, too. Meanwhile the mysterious stone tablets secreted away and held on behalf of the Emperor of Japan by descendants of earlier Shinto priests became known as The Commandment Stones - the ones given to Moses on Mt Sinai engraved with the Ten Commandments!  So the notion that the new Israel, as prophesied in the Bible, which was to be established in the promised land just prior to the great tribulations should be established upon Japanese occupied territory gelled very easy with the military. They even knew when the great tribulation was to begin since they had been planning it for several years by now. The Fugu Plan even led to a war-time eugenics program by the Tokyo University whereby they began to cross breed Jews with Japanese in order to create a master race.


In my 'advanced' Sukyo Mahikari members textbook there are ten pages which are an abridged form of the Protocols of Zion. In order to hide their origins they are credited to a different author, Kido Honda, and 'advanced' members are encouraged to see these pages as some how divinely inspired. One paragraph reads "We have an awesome plan which will terrify the bravest hero; it is the subway.....and before long we will be able to destroy all the government institutions and the important papers of their governments." After a long search I found this paragraph had been lifted from Protocol number 9. Chilling predictions in light of recent world events.

The Aum Shinrikyo cult also seems to have a fascination with the Protocols, too, by using the subways as a means to strike terror into the hearts of the Japanese population. Being both admirers of Hitler and believers in the Jewish conspiracy, the Aum is now known to have secreted an array of weapons of mass destruction out of the cash-strapped and crumbling Soviet empire into Japan. Their members were also present in Central Africa some years earlier during the deadly Ebola Virus epidemic there. Soon after their top brass were in Belgrade studying the work of Nikola Tesla, who toyed with the theory of seismic weapons.

On day time Japanese TV two high ranking LDP (the ruling party) politicians were named as being the sponsors of the Aum cult shortly after their infamous subway gas attacks in 1995. One of these was neo-nationalist Shintaro Ishihara, now the Governor of Tokyo.

Ishihara, with photo, appears in over 30 pages of Sukyo Mahikari propaganda literature wherein he is portrayed as a close friend of Mahikari's founder, Okada. He is even offered a private initiation into the Mahikari cult. Okada whose spiritual name is Kotama - meaning Ball of Light, is renown for his list of military achievements, which include: becoming a regimental equestrian flag bearer - with a penchant for white horses, a military school instructor, personal bodyguard to Emperor Hirohito, strategic planner of the infamous Rape of Nanking, owner of a military aircraft factory during WW II and personal friend of former Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda. He was also a personal friend of Prince Chichibu, Hirohito's younger brother, who is now recognised as being the head of Operation Golden Lily (a simple Google search of Golden Lily will reveal an amazing account of looted war gold hitherto untold. Okada attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Okay, by now you might be asking what has all this to do with today? In the December-January, 1997-98, edition of Exposure Magazine there was an article in the Media Review section taken from the Australian Daily Telegraph wherein it questions why a suspected nuclear-type explosion at the Aum's Banjawarn 500,000 acres sheep grazing property in Western Australia has attracted little or no interest amongst Australian politicians, even when questions about it were raised in Federal Parliament in June 1997, whilst in the US, a Senate Committee was set up to examine the event.

Much has been written about this mystery explosion caused by a huge fireball, which was witnessed by many, that occurred on the night of 28 May, 1993. The resultant explosion recorded a 3.6 Richter earthquake. Western Australian geologist, Harry Mason was first on the scene, and after exhaustive research he now concludes that it was possibly caused by an advanced electromagnetic weapons system. Recently when re-visiting the area with a TV film crew from the UK's Channel 4, he was asked by the US based Sandia National Laboratories to over-fly the area again as well as do a ground search to look for possible meteorite crater sites. The crater would have a size of a football field and no such crater exists there. Scientists at Sandia are very worried! says Mason.

The US Senate Committee could only come up with a possible meteorite strike - but only if it could find its crater. According to the latest news in the February 1998, Earth Magazine, researchers from the Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, California, spent the summer of 1997 pouring over satellite images of the region but failed to find any crater. Still no crater has been found.

In Mahikari's Bible - Goseigen, or Book of Warning to the World, Okada (Mahikari's founder) writes ...the production of fireballs in this world cannot be stopped unless ningen (the masses of animal-like people) begin to have an attitude of apology...God will make man produce the fireballs and bullets...I cannot but once burn the whole surface of the earth with fire...How are you going to cope with the situation that the age of the explosion of fireballs and uncontrollable chaos is approaching?...The Star of David: this is also what I made Moses use as his crest....The ultimate result will be the destruction of the earth. Therefore god's kingdom has been symbolized by The Star of David."

The words of Rene Guenon, French philosopher and author of several books on metaphysics and eastern mysticism, who foresaw an attempt by evil powers to enslave the world, now take on a more ominous hue when he writes; 'The false messiahs we have seen so far have only performed very inferior miracles and their disciples are not very difficult to convert. But who knows what the future has in store? When you reflect that these messiahs have never been anything but the more or less unconscious tools of those who conjured them up, and when one thinks of the series of attempts made in succession in contemporary times, one is forced to the conclusion that these were only trials, experiments as it were which will be renewed in various forms until success is achieved. But might there not be behind such movements, something far more dangerous which their leaders know nothing about, being in themselves, in turn, the unconscious tools of a higher demonic power.'

Anyone studying Mahikari's Goseigen (book of warning) will quickly come to the realisation that in order for its members to fulfil their roles as the chosen ones - the new levites, the Earth must undergo a time of Armageddon. Sukyo Mahikari's symbol is the Star Of David and it is prominently emblazoned upon their recently constructed King Solomon's Temple, and 45 metres in height Mayan pyramid located in the foothills of the Japan Alps.

In order to satisfy governmental prerequisites for foreigners to own land in Australia, the Aum's guru, Asahara, called upon the assistance of Japanese-born Australian citizen, Yasuko Shimada to co-sign the Banjawarn documents of ownership.

Shimada was also instrumental in establishing Mahikari in Australia in 1974. I knew her well, and in Japan she is known to have maintained her active Sukyo Mahikari status till at least 1989, and even later according to interviews with Aum members in Japan who remember her well.

Australian taxpayers unwittingly contributing to this Japanese supremacist idealism can be found amongst the everyday citizens of the Australian Capital Territory, where the then A.C.T. Liberal Government leased, for a fraction of its true value, a one hectare parcel of prime real estate in the Canberra suburb of Holder to Sukyo Mahikari upon which they are now constructing their new multi-million dollar regional headquarters. This land has a value of around $700,000 for which Sukyo Mahikari had only to pay a few lease and administrative fees.

So, here are some of the ways the great demon who still speaks through the Protocols has found easy expression both here in Australia and abroad. As the sound of the White Horse's hoof beats increases in volume, I am reminded of the words of Professor Sergius Nilus of Russia, who is generally credited as being the one who first introduced the vile document to the Western World when he writes, 'One can no longer doubt it, the triumphant reign of the King Of Israel rises over our degenerate world as that of Satan, with his power and his terrors; the King born of the blood of Zion - the Antichrist - is about to mount the throne of universal empire."

This article was first published in the June-July 1998 edition of EXPOSURE MAGAZINE (Australia), under the title: The Demon In The Protocols, and has been updated since. At the time of writing this report many internet links were included for reference purposes, but over the years many of these links either were changed or simply don't work, so I have erased them all and invite you to perform a simple Google search on any words or topics that you feel need vericifation.

Extracted from Garry Greenwood's book: ALL THE EMPEROR'S MEN,

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