by Garry Greenwood 

Unfolding the mystery of the billions of dollars of looted Asian gold by the Japanese Military.

Before we begin to peel back the delicate leaves protecting the illusive Golden Lily we must firstly understand a little about another related topic which continually threads itself through this recently-revealed saga which details the plunder of billions of dollars of Asian gold by the Japanese Military during World War Two, and the involvement of other secret organizations. This related topic concerns the notorious manuscript: The Protocols of the Learned Elders Of Zion.

Much has already been said and written in recent times about this manuscript, and heated debate still rages over its origins. This article is not about who wrote it. It's about its continuing legacy. Briefly, for the uninitiated, The Protocols of Zion is a detailed manifesto setting out a cunning and cruel plan for global supremacy supposedly written by the Global Jewry. It also has a strong prophetic quality. In its current form the manifesto came out of Russia and circulated underground for many years. Today you can download a copy from any number of sites on the internet. In the 1920's Adolf Hitler drew both inspiration and revelation from the Protocols and it became a major part of his blueprint for the reign of the Third Reich and his Final Solution. Hitler wasn't alone in his belief of the cunning plot engraved within its pages. Many Arab leaders delighted in the exposure of the supposed Jewish plot. Egypt's President Nasser became one of its main distributors, whilst in 1985 the Iranian Government published the manifesto with a laudatory introduction. It is highly probable that the US's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, draws justification from them, too. On a lesser scale many militia movements use it as justification for their causes. So, too, the Klu Klux Clan and probably many local neighborhood hate group, also.

The Protocols also made a big impression with certain sections of Japanese society, and more significantly with the Japanese Military in the early 20's. Incensed by its insidious plot, members of the Japanese Red Army opened fire with sub machine guns on innocent people at the Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion airport in 1972 killing 24 people and wounding dozens more. The Japanese Red Army perpetrators were then given safe haven in Lebanon and treated as heroes because of their anti Israeli stance.

More recently the Aum Shinrikyo cult, also firm believers of the plot interpreted the manuscript differently. They saw their role as the ones who were to bring about the prophesied Armageddon. Firstly they cultured huge vats of deadly anthrax fluid and other viruses: enough to kill everyone on the planet. When this proved unsuccessful they moved into the crumbling Soviet Union where they had 30,000 members, and with millions of dollars at their disposal bought whatever advanced weapons systems the cash-strapped Soviet officials would sell.

The multiple and deadly Tokyo Subway gassings finally, and fortunately for us, brought their activities under the spotlight and to an end - for now. This is also set out in the Protocols of Zion: Protocol # 9. To say that the Protocols lead certain people to behave very badly would be a gross under statement indeed.

In the 1920's the Japanese Military became mesmerized by the Protocols, particularly the references calling for the creation of a "Cult of Gold": and here I will give a brief quote from Protocol # 4. "Their only guide is gain, that is gold, which they will erect into a veritable cult." Protocol # 22, "In our hands is the greatest power of the day - gold."

The Protocols also call out for the creation of a central figure who will rise up phoenix-like, when society has degenerated or weakened to an unsalvageable degree and proclaim himself the new King - of the chosen ones. This, of course was interpreted as their already-Divine Emperor, Hirohito.

The Protocols of Zion became essential study material at Japanese Military Academies from then on, and with every justification imaginable the Japanese Military set out to conquer the world.

US researcher and writer Iris Chang has documented the Japanese Military's 1937 invasion of Nanking, China, with graphic-like quality in her recent best seller, The Rape of Nanking - The Forgotten Holocaust Of World War Two. Officially Japan denies there was a massacre at Nanking, and most Japanese today are unaware that their nation ever invaded any neighboring countries, preferring instead to believe the official line that it's all Red Lies fabricated mainly by the Chinese.

Chang describes scenes of utmost horror as the Japanese Military systematically tortured then killed over 300,000 of the city's residents and raped around 30,000 women. But this was only the beginning of their holy crusade. In the years that followed they systematically waged genocide in a total of 12 neighboring countries. Along the way they plundered each conquered nations' reserves of gold, other precious metals, gem stones and valuable artifacts.

This wholesale plunder is expertly documented and described in Sterling and Peggy Seagraves latest book, The Yamoto Dynasty - The Secret History Of Japan's Imperial Family. The Seagraves have unearthed and well documented accounts of how these billions of dollars of looted gold etc, were shipped mainly to the Philippines where they were buried awaiting transportation to Japan, or were shipped to Japan directly.

Now enter the Golden Lily.

Being the supposed sensitive man he was, Hirohito enjoyed writing poetry: with one of his favorites - The Golden Lily - finally becoming the name of his operation to pillage and then ship billions of dollars of war looted gold into his Imperial coffers, thereby establishing The Cult Of Gold.

Emperor Hirohito's younger brother Prince Chichibu was eventually put in charge of operation Golden Lily and traveled extensively throughout China and Indo China over seeing the loot's transportation on behalf of the Cult of Gold, in collaboration with high ranking military personnel, politicians, friends and businessmen. Not surprisingly it is now claimed that the Japanese Military siphoned off over $100 billion in gold (in 1940'S dollars) as their commission.

In post war Japan many new religions and cults sprang up, but one which was established in 1959 was rather different from all the rest. It's founder was a military man - ex Lieutenant Colonel Yoshikazu Okada of the Japanese Imperial Army, and the name of this cult was/is Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan (SMBK) - meaning: Truth and Light Organization To Save The World.

Upon graduating from Military Academy in 1922, Okada became a member of Hirohito's elite household guards and officer in attendance to Hirohito - a role set aside for only the most fanatical. Prince Chichibu, Hirohoto's younger brother who was to become head of the Golden Lily project was Okada's closest friend whilst at Military Academy. In 1932 Okada became a Military School instructor until 1937 when he became section commander of the First Transport Department and took an active part in the transport strategy at Shanghai, Hanchow Bay and Nanking. He is quoted as lamenting the following, "I wondered about my comrades in the extreme of action in the bloody world of Nanking. I prayed that I might stand on the battlefield one more time." Okada also owned a military aircraft factory.

Upon establishing the Mahikari cult (SMBK) in 1959, Okada says he was ordered by god to save the world, and quoting "I feel my situation is very similar to that of Moses" established Mahikari. Okada also spent much time in Indo-China (now Vietnam) as a senior officer supervising rail transport operations for the Japanese Imperial Army.

You may be wondering how I am able to quote all these precise facts and other details about Okada and Mahikari. I was a member of Mahikari for over fifteen years. During these misguided years it was my duty as a member to memorize everything there was to know about him, especially his Imperial and other high level contacts. I finally left the cult when it began to dawn on me precisely who it was who is to reign over this New Age of Enlightenment - the Emperor of Japan.

Several years after I left I finally stumbled upon the source of some of the "divine revelations" which weave themselves throughout their written texts. Not surprisingly - now, this revealed itself to be plagiarized sections of the, yes you guessed it, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This is easily done since no one in their right mind is claiming ownership or copyright over them.

During my years in the cult I was taught how gold is a materialization of the great power of god and members even claimed Okada could materialize it in his hands at will. In fact we were taught than only when ones thoughts and deeds are attuned to the will of god very closely: only then can one materialize gold.

If you want to study Mahikari more deeply and relive some of my unique experiences etc, I invite you to obtain a copy of my e-book ALL THE EMPEROR'S MEN. My book also lists some of Mahikari's important contacts amongst high level Japanese politicians - one being the current Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara. Members are encouraged to study his writings since he is touted to be a future Japanese Prime Minister. Ishihara is also named by several commentators as being the main sponsor or power behind the Aum Shinrikyo movement. Being so influential allows him to speak out confidently against the dastardly Jewish plot for global supremacy, for which he only receives token slaps on the wrist.

Okada died in 1974 and immediately Mahikari split into two main camps - The original SMBK headed by Mr. Sekiguchi, and the new supra version - Sukyo Mahikari (SM), headed by his concubine Koko Inoue, alias Keishu Okada. Total membership worldwide is reported to be anything up to two million members.

Based upon Okada's deep interest in gold, his belief in the grand plot embedded in the Protocols and his undying allegiance for his Emperor, it is not unreasonable to question whether or not he was somehow involved in operation Golden Lily.

It is now widely reported that a huge Imperial Golden Lily cache was recently "discovered" in Nagano, the site of the recent 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Japan, and accusing the IOC's President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, of receiving huge bribes to hold the games there. Samaranch was a high level Minister during the fascist reign of President Franco of Spain.

Beginning in the 1980's both SMBK and SM embarked upon an orgy of temple building across Japan. SM completed their multi- million dollar gold colored titanium roofed temple high up in the foothills of the Japan Alps at Takayama in 1984. To them this is the rebuilt temple of Solomon capable of accommodating many tens of thousands of members.

A few years later they completed their own 45 meters in height pyramid complete with gold capstone at its peak.

Not far from both the rebuilt temple of Solomon and the Shrine of Light pyramid is another smaller SM shrine. This gold trimmed shrine is built on a remote site on government owned land. It also has a decidedly Fort Knox-like appearance. It is heavily guarded day and night by fanatical cult officials. Nobody is allowed to come near it and I would recommend that nobody should attempt to approach it. Members are allowed to view its outside from a hill top far off on the opposite side of the valley from a specially constructed viewing platform using binoculars. Members are told that this is the Inner Shrine, where the power of god firstly materializes upon planet earth and only the most pure may enter. They are told only two people qualify for entrance. One is SM's current leader, Koko Inoue, the other being the Emperor of Japan.

I cannot think what might be stored inside.

Around this time, and not to be out done, on the Izu Peninsular a few hours south of Tokyo, SMBK completed their even bigger golden temple. Capable of housing 60-70,000 members, this gold colored titanium roofed temple houses a very large altar. Their propaganda pamphlets boast how the solid gold altar housed inside stands over 30 feet in height, and is the largest solid gold altar in the world. It may even be the largest solid piece of gold in the world. It weighs many tons. Surrounding the altar the whole area is plaited with even more gold.

SMBK is in the process of constructing several mini versions of the temple of gold throughout Japan.

A cornerstone belief of both Mahikari factions is the arrival of a well-overdue Armageddon. And as Protocol # 23 explains "Then it will be possible for us to say to the peoples of the world: Give thanks to god and bow the knee before him who bears on his front the seal of the predestination of man, to which god himself has led his star than none other but him might free us from all the before mentioned forces of evil."

Interestingly SM's main seal or symbol is the Star of David and it is emblazoned upon their golden temple and at several places on their 45 meters in height pyramid.

Does this mean that these are amongst the chosen ones as prophesied in the Protocols of The Learned Elders Of Zion waiting patiently for major currency collapses - their signal to take up their rightful place - being the bearers of the seal of the predestination of man who are to free us from the forces of evil?

Was this the ultimate goal of Prince Chichibu's Operation Golden Lily?

"The spirits of the unholy powers were incarcerated, sealed countless fathoms below in the darkness of the ocean. There they remained imprisoned by the beneficent hand of god, until once in a thousand years it was fated that a fisherman had it within his free choice to release the dreaded fiend, unless he cast his terrible catch straight back into the depths." An ancient Oriental legend.

The End.

Copyright Jan, 2001. Garry Greenwood.

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