The Georgia Guidestones Revisited

For thousands of years mankind has been fascinated and perplexed by ancient mysterious stone formations and other standing stone phenomena found in various locations throughout the world.

I first became aware of their powerful seductive presence whilst visiting England and Wales, and more particularly Scotland's remote Orkney Islands. On these windswept Isles, because of their remoteness and lack of human presence, one is able to be alone with the stones, and allow their seductive energy to ignite a deep sense of curiosity within. I am still plagued by this curiosity.

One cannot deny that in the presence of such mysterious formations, the standing stones phenomena will have you wondering  who made them, how and why?

They are also very beautiful, and riding on their inherent beauty is the fact no one really has answers to the aforementioned questions. We wouldn't be true humans if we didn't appreciate an ancient unsolved mystery. They excite the psyche.

Fast forward unknown thousands of years to 1980, Elbert County, Georgia, USA and we are presented with the magnificent Georgia Guidestones - the largest of them all in terms of the size of the stones - 28 tons apiece.

Unlike their ancient smaller time-worn antecedents, the 6 massive modern-era Georgia Stones have clear unambiguous messages inscribed upon them. A large capstone resting atop the 4 main support pillars that make up the formation is inscribed with the message "Let these be Guidestones to an age of reason"  This message is written in 4 archaic languages: Sanskrit, Babylonian Cuneiform, Classical Greek and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Upon the 4 massive 28 ton support pillars, 10 messages are inscribed in 8 different languages: Chinese, English, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Swahili, Russian and Spanish.  Chances are if you can't read any one of these languages, you simply can't read. It also strongly suggests someone or certain persons want you to take heed.

Anyone standing before this magnificent edifice reading the encouraging words inscribed thereupon for the first time could not be other than comforted and instilled with hope for mankind's future, as it appears to offer concrete solutions to humanities multitudinous problems - or do they?

Having done my fair share of Neolithic stone hugging, I have, amongst other things, spent around 40 years of my life researching, writing about, counselling people and being personally involved with a wide variety of cults. It was an unusual preoccupation I know, but nowadays the hard lessons learnt there now serve me well. You can read of my bizarre cultic experiences and more in my latest book: Essays and Reflections of a Cult Buster. Click here for download.

Some folk say I know my subject well and feel indebted, whilst others would rather I simply bugger off. Either way my past cultic and mind control experiences have taught me a blueprint or work manual common to them all. So please allow me to decipher for you what I believe may be the underlying meanings or sub-texts embedded within the new "Ten Commandments" stones, and who might be behind this new Stonehenge.

The capstone message "let these be Guidestones to an age of reason" is clearly asking everyone to accept the "reason" of those who created the Guidestones. So here I would firstly urge readers to discover who the Stones' creators might be, and more importantly, their interpretation of reason. Reason to one group could be completely different to the reason espoused by another. I can think of many examples here and probably you can too. How about the conflicting reasoning or opinions regarding birth control in popular Christian religions, or the growing confusion or understanding over the rapid spread of Islamic ideology throughout Western democracies? What a Democrat sees as reason a Republican sees as treason.  

The four phallic, 28 ton, support stones engraved with the new Ten Commandments are arranged in a paddlewheel design with each stone pointing at right angles to each other and oriented to encompass the limit of the sun's path for the summer and winter solstices. My interpretation of this positioning is that these Commandments are to be spread to the four corners of the world. Spreading such a bold message in this grandiose way also means this is how their creators intend humankind to live or become. Within the context of the massive Guidestones this most likely means our future is, or soon will be, in their divine hands. In 1980 when the Stones were completed this was probably the aim of those who created them, whilst nowadays they most likely serve as a monument to their unfolding success.

The centre column is carved with grooves marking the high noon or summer solstice and has a hole drilled through it so that the North Star is always visible. These kinds of celestial alignments and markings are a typical feature amongst secretive occult groups to reinforce their connection and oneness with the occult - a source of their power.

The term occult is in itself a benign word, but it encompasses both the forces of good and evil. On the positive side its powers ride on a vibration of love, compassion, hope, trust, empathy and more. Whilst on the negative side its powers manifest or ride on the vibrations of confusion, resentment, lies, secrecy, domination and more.

When we examine the little we know about the Stones' creators we learn that a certain Mr Christian, who admits this is not his real name, represents a powerful, wealthy and secretive group. Mr Christian is the person who commissioned and chose the site as well as being the conduit for the transfer of the necessary funds for their construction. This is all that is known about him and his shadowy group. Choosing the alias, Christian, implies this is a wholesome and Christian endeavour on behalf of their (and our) God. That there are 10 Commandments cast in eternal stone further reinforces their belief in their monumental Godly mission.

Commandment 1, reads:  Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.   

In keeping with the Abrahamic tradition of creating Commandments, the first one is again the most important. And just as is written in the Abrahamic memes concerning the forthcoming and long-awaited Armageddon necessary to reinforce their supremacy and eventual global domination, this first Commandment demands a massive depopulation.

This should ring alarm bells since we don't really know who the shadowy occult group or groups promoting this population cull are. History has clearly revealed that it's not uncommon for doomsday groups to see themselves as the ones tasked with the mission of carrying it out. Here the murderous Japanese Aum Shinri Kyo cult of the Tokyo subway gassing fame quickly comes to mind. So too, does Hitler's Nazi Occult Bureau, the Ahnenerbe, and Japan's wartime Unit 731. Google them for more information.

They all saw themselves as the ones tasked with culling the world's population for the benefit of mankind on behalf of their respective Gods. Nowadays it's the ISIS death cult who believes the final battle is to be fought in Northern Iraq whereupon they will be the victors and we infidels (assuming you are one) are to be dispensed with. The aforementioned examples are just some of the more visible ones, but there are also the invisible-to-us ones - a little more about them later.

Commandment 2, reads: Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity. 

This Commandment compliments or supports Commandment 1, and is pure eugenics - to create a master race. I support wise reproduction on a personal level wherein potential deformities or diseases have been detected, and when the choice of action is mine. But when such decisions are placed in the hands of the state or, heaven forbid, an occult group, it's a totally different matter. Again, I am reminded of Hitler's eugenics programs to breed a blond, blue-eyed Aryan master race, and Japan's notorious Fugu Plan wherein they were wanting to interbreed Japanese with Jews to create yet another master race. Fugu is named after a most highly prized part-edible fish. The only problem is if you eat the wrong part you die. I have yet to discover which race was represented by the poisonous part of the fish.

We should note the above examples were all done in the name of their God/s, and when one believes he/she is carrying out His Will, anything becomes possible irrespective of consequences. Ones sense of morality becomes warped beyond belief. Recent examples of this would again be the atrocities committed by Isis and the Bush-Blair inspired invasions of Iraq. Both these highly-religious leaders believed they were fulfilling their God's will. 

Commandment 3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

I believe the subtext here is to prepare in our minds the notion of a one world government. My questions are: who is going to decide on this new language and who is going to be allowed to use it?

Commandment 4. Rule passion, faith, tradition and all things with tempered reason.

This sounds benign enough, but it has been my experience over the past 40 or so years studying the blueprint common to most cults, that you must include or insert positive or at least benign precepts for sugar coating. But realise once you have sucked the sugar off you will be left with a bitter taste and wondering: whose reason do we use as our guide, who gets to decide who will live and who will die, and who is behind this plan for humanity?

Commandment 5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Ordinarily this would be fair comment, but considering the context in which it's placed - inscribed upon the Guidestones, I would label this as more sugar coating to help you swallow the preceding Commandments.

Commandment 6. Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court.

Again more sugar coating in order to strengthen the establishment of a world court.

Commandment 7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

Here I read a subtext promoting the establishment of greater centralised rule as the blueprint demands. We all dislike petty officials with their useless laws, but now they have become our common enemies. We are being asked to firstly become united and then defeat them.

Commandment 8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

As we read in Commandments 1 and 2, the questions of reason and balance are repeated here. Again, by whose fulcrum or scales do we use to make such a balance? Danger! Danger!

Commandment 9. Prize truth, beauty, love-seeking harmony with the infinite.

For most true humans this is already an inherent ideal, thus this awe inspiring Commandment is pure sugar or honey to attract or persuade as many people as possible to align themselves with the dominant themes embedded with the Stones. See Commandments 1 and 2.

Commandment 10. Be not a cancer on earth - leave room for nature, leave room for nature.

As with Commandment 9, this is pure honey to attract attention and agreeance to this shadowy group's agenda. It's common for occult groups to promote wholesome activities such as organic gardening, healthy eating habits and more. It's in the blueprint. Who could disagree with a group promoting environmental protection, organic gardening and non-sectarianism as Commandments 3 and 4 allude to?

It's not until you dig deep into their inner most depths that you begin to unearth a completely different agenda than the one you might have been preparing to follow. Unfortunately by that time it could be too late for you to escape.

History teaches us it's not uncommon for religions and political parties to espouse one thing yet do the complete opposite. I am sure you can think of many such examples. This is because the deeper ones involvement with such groups becomes the more warped ones sense of morality or reason becomes. It's good to decapitate an infidel whilst shouting "Allah Akbar" some believe.

So who are the Stones creators?

I can only but speculate who they and the global elitist cabal they represent might be. I believe this is not wholly essential as they will be totally untouchable anyway. But firstly we must be aware of the deeper meanings or subtexts embedded in their New Commandments.  If you look at how our world has regressed in many ways since the early 80's you should be able to see the future trajectory they have cunningly mapped out for us. But they most certainly are painted with the same brush as our Illuminate overlords and their associates.

Already we've had decades of health damaging, life shortening deadly global programs imposed upon us without our knowledge or consent. These would include, but are not limited to: chemtrail chemical disbursement, compulsory vaccination, GMOs, water fluoridation, Big Pharma's control of our health (sickness), forced multiculturalism, endless wars, globalisation, dysfunctional media, dumbed down education curriculums and policies which suck money from the poor only to be given to the already wealthy, and so much more. Already they are very much in control of who will live and who will die.

The latest population culling instrument on the block is the never-ending flow of lethal radiation from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant. This deadly forever-ongoing catastrophe will eventually affect us all and already the North Pacific Ocean is all but dead, whilst Japanese authorities refuse to acknowledge it and do anything to stem the deadly radiation flow - watch this space, or read my Fukushima essay HERE.     

So, what can we do?

Firstly we must come to realise it's us who allowed the invisible elite to enslave us. We must awaken to our true humanity and break free from those who control us. Only then will we not allow them to destroy our planet. Our planet is over-populated and Earth's resources are being wasted and depleted but it must be us who guide a population reduction. True humans will naturally bring about a sustainable and healthy population in harmony with nature.

Realise no one is coming to save us.

We must starve the elitist cabal of the oxygen that sustains them by turning off our TVs, spend less so we can work less and free up time to relearn the art of critical thinking.  We must pursue wholesome education, question authority, hold those in authority to account, question the purpose of religion, listen to good music, seek good companionship, and cease watching their mainstream news. These are just some of the things that will weaken and eventually suffocate those shadowy beings who rely on our unquestioning support.

The Guidestones are also telling us we are in a race for our survival.


Garry Greenwood

November 2016.                                           PLEASE SHARE