All The Emperor's Men


Heralding the Cults of the Apocalypse




Garry Greenwood


Discover what connects Aum Shinrikyo's ranch at Banjawarn, Australia, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the deadly 1995 Tokyo subway gassings, huge caches of looted World War II gold, the Star of David, a convicted Japanese war criminal, certain high-level Japanese politicians, the Rape of Nanjing and the ongoing Fukushima nuclear catastrophe? It's MAHIKARI! - A Japanese new religion that proclaimed itself the Chosen People headed by the new Messiah, and which is awaiting a coming global Armageddon.


Author, Garry Greenwood, a former top Mahikari sect leader for over ten years from Canberra, Australia, unravels the dark secrets of this mystery sect.


This is a true story. It is NOT fiction!


Never has anyone penetrated the veils of religion, mysticism, deception, black magic and secret agendas so deep and returned to tell the story. 


Garry Greenwood, ex Mahikari three-day kenshu (seminar) lecturer and top sect leader, presents this important and well researched book which offers a very rare insight into just some of the Mahikari misconceptions all invisible and unavailable to its members and to the public at large.

HOT NEWS! HOT NEWS!!   Meet Some Of The Mad Men Behind The Fukushima Catastrophe Here.


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Garry Greenwood sincerely urges anyone contemplating joining Mahikari or any other cult or sect, or those already wrestling with their own religion, or that of a loved one, to not only study this book, but also to do their own internet research by simply doing Google searches on any of the words or topics which they might find just too hard to accept. In doing so, Greenwood says, readers will then be taking responsibility for their own future decisions and actions and not simply taking the easy way out by placing their future in the hands of others.


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Your worldview will be changed for the better - forever.   

                      Remember, knowledge is power and freedom.


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